Cost (for consumers)

Consumers said that if the technology is available for $20, they are happy to use it.


Privacy (for consumers)

Consumers said that if the technology can save them from crime, they are willing to share their location.


The relationship of the victim with the alleged perpetrator and their perception

In some cases, victims report to the police the actions of people they know. In this case, it is possible that the report will be several weeks after the incident. In addition, the actions of the alleged offender may be subjectively regarded by the victim as a crime, even if it is not.



It can be very difficult to locate a crime scene using GPS technology if the location points to a skyscraper or building with multiple floors.


Perception of people around

Receiving location messages multiple times over a period of time can annoy mobile device users who later choose not to receive these messages or ignore the seriousness of the problem.