Misusing the function

"Button" function can be used for revenge or a joke (prank) on a person who did not commit a crime, but became a victim of slander. In this regard, it is proposed to warn the user when using the app that a false call with a “button” can lead responsibility.

Bodily injury and lynching of presumed offender

Taking into account laws, especially Due process clause of the Constitution, it is a state interest to protect not only the victim, but also presumed offender from unlawful and unauthorized punishment.

Limits of the necessity defense

Title 18 PA § 503: Conduct which the actor believes to be necessary to avoid a harm or evil to himself or to another is justifiable if: (1) the harm or evil sought to be avoided by such conduct is greater than that sought to be prevented by the law defining the offense charged; (2) neither this title nor other law defining the offense provides exceptions or defenses dealing with the specific situation involved; and (3) a legislative purpose to exclude the justification claimed does not otherwise plainly appear.

Entering private property

Police need legal grounds to enter private property where an alleged crime is taking place. Therefore, a standard is needed to determine the legality of police entry into private property.